About Our Exterior Remodeling Contractors

The professionals at Cover Up Construction have decades of combined experience in delivering beautiful results that are timely and inexpensive.

Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

To many homeowners, curb appeal means much more than increased property value. An exterior remodel can make a residence feel more fresh and inviting. With our expertise in siding, doors, and other contractor services, homeowners can feel proud about the property they own. An exterior remodel is a reliable method for improving your home’s value, and better curb appeal often helps the home sell faster.

For Us, Siding is Exciting!

Cover Up Construction’s team of local siding contractors is dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of our client’s homes. We know what siding materials work best in Utah and Idaho, and we’ve seen just about every imaginable scenario for siding removal. We follow best practices to ensure your siding replacement is quick, clean, and precise. Whether you are looking for siding that is practical, extravagant, or anything in between, Cover Up Construction has you covered. We provide outstanding prices and a full guarantee on materials and labor.

Broken Window? Call Cover Up Construction!

For property owners, the occasional broken window is simply a fact of life. Cover Up Construction responds quickly to window replacement requests, so you can keep your heat or air conditioning indoors where it belongs. Our window replacement is timely, mess-free, and cost-effective, whether it be an emergency or a planned upgrade. We carry a variety of styles and can accommodate window replacement for a wide range of budgets.

Lowest Price Assurance

    Cover Up Construction is serious about providing high-quality service at rock-bottom prices, which is why we created our Lowest Price Assurance:


    “We assure that the total price of your contract for the work specified in the agreement, dated that date, is the lowest price available for material and workmanship quality and contractor reliability.”


    Call Cover Up Construction to discover how we can improve your home’s exterior!


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